high speed CDP

Hi All
I have heard of some "last generation" CD players with very high
rotation speed. These CDP would be able to read and re-read in case of
error and to store the music in RAM memory like PC reader.

The consequence of this would be a better error correction and the absence of jitter.

is all this real?

What brand implement a such technology? Meridian ? other?

Thank you in advance
808 Technology

Meridian's 808 is the latest in a series of optical disc players that use a specially-selected ROM drive for reading. The ROM drive allows multiple passes to be made, ensuring that the correct data are recovered from the disc and improving Compact Disc's error-correction a hundredfold.

this is from the Meridian site, but it is quoted
at $ 13000.

Does anybody know about less expensive machines?

Hi Gasho,

I went to the unison site but the only CDP they produce
the unicoCD
have not that characteristic.
Yes, it has a CD-Rom mech but it is used in a conventional way.
They said
"The transport chosen is a high-quality CD-Rom mech normally used in computers." and nothing more.

in the same site I found a test review (in italian, sorry)

and in this paper there are no reference to
>multiple passes< nor to >error-correction< improvments.

However I found a cheaper CDP with the desired technology:
the Meridian G08 for a mere $4000.

I'll continue searching.