High Quality POT Recommendation

I need to change the volume pot on my Monarchy 18b dac. I was going to go with a discrete resistor ladder attenuator but I unfortunately do not have space in the DAC for it. It seems like my only option is to use a pot. There is a lot of junk out there.........so my question is, Has anyone used the TKD attenuators? please comment....... any other pot recommendations would also be welcome.


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2005-05-28 9:43 pm
If you have room the Twisted pear Joshua tree which only needs the small pot for the controller on the front panel. I also have both TKD 2P65 and TKD attenuator and they are both better than most Alps and Noble units , but there are some pretty small surface mount resistor switched controls on EBay which may also fit- quality and sonic quality of those may vary so best to look for some user comments on them before diving in
1 and 2 can be left and right, however you see fit, C is common or ground. pity you didnt have room for the newly stocked at PCX and rather excellent quality IMO Khozmo shunted attenuators, available with Zfoil shunt resistor too for the committed


no need to worry tho, the TKD are supposed to be very good, tho I havent personally heard one (that I know of)