High Quality DIY Loudspeakers

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I have recently built a Leach Amp which is a very nice amp and can supply 120-125w/channel @ 8 ohms. So far the only thing I've been able to listen to it with are some very old 3 way electrovoice speakers which are in pretty bad shape.

I need some good new speakers.

I have no problems designing and building high quality enclosures and crossovers.

I am looking for some starting points in the DIY arena. I've been looking at the B&W 604 S2's, Dynaudio Audience 72's, Paradigm studio 80's, Thiel CS.5's, and the Martin Logan Aerius i's (I would have to rebuild the PS of my amp if I decide on the electrostats making them a bit too expensive) so you know sorta what I'm looking for.

I will be taking a trip to the city in about a week to try to listen to most of these in one day. (disadvantage of DIY, but one I can live with)

I've looked through madisound.coms catalog for some ideas of DIY projects. Assuming I know what I am doing, will I be able to equal/exceed the SQ of the speakers in the $1500-2000 range?. I listen to a lot of techno/trance/general electronica, R&B, and Rock so lacking bass is not an option. Can you folks offer some suggestions so I can start calculating/simulating? Popular combo's that have worked well, stuff like that.

Power should not be an issue since the next project after the speakers is going to be a 2nd & 3rd Leach Amp for bi-amping and HT setup.

Thanks a lot!

Hi jt,
looks just my situation here...
So I'll closely monitor the suggestions that (I hope) will arrive here soon, although I'll be in a slightly different situation since I can get other brands of affordabe drivers here in Germany (e.g. Visaton (de) or Tonsil (pl)). If we have the TSP, it should be easy to check if they are interchangeable!

Some Ideas

http://www.zalytron.com has some interesting looking products in terms of what they are selling for kits, but I just look at some of them for some inspiration every so often. They have everything from Ariel 5 and 7 designs, to 4 tweeter/12 woofer line array designs, and they separate their designs by price categories (i.e Budget, Premium, etc etc.) They also have several combinations of drivers to use, ranging from Audax to Axon to Focal to Raven tweeters. They also have several kinds of looks for their speakers, ranging from well finished MTM designs to some other rather unique designs. I wouldn't necessarily suggest buying a kit from them, but I like to go there for inspiration when deciding what to build.
jteef said:
Herman, somebody on audioasylum.com posted this link:


It seems to be a very good and comprehensive source for what to consider in the driver selection. has detailed info about a LOT of drivers with comments and pictures.

Bob recently reorganized the site. The new URL is http://www.snippets.org/ldsg/intro.php3.

There's LOTS of useful information here. Be sure to check out the kits offered. I listened to several recently, and the MB1 kit from Murphy Blaster Productions (http://www.accumatics.com/dm/) sounds excellent, and is a good value (it needs a sub).

Good luck.
Zayltron speakers

Hey speaking of Zayltron speaker kits, I did puchase from Elliott there. Got the Aria 5R. He was the only speaker cabinet builder I could find that offered 1.5" thick MDF cabinets. Very dead cabinet indeed. Since I am more of a novice, the speaker kit was the way to go for me. Having that cabinet already done was a bonus! Never built a crossover before but have done my share of soldering so it was a snap. Tellin ya, these speakers are sweet sounding and the Raven Ribbon tweeters can't be beat IMO!
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