High-power TDA7293 555W ?

But that is the least of the problems.
That EBay offer is absolute nonsense design, it's ludicrous.
7 amps in parallel will demand 1/7th output impedance load, 0.57 ohms speaker in this case.
Good luck finding one.

Plus supply filtering is also wrong; they have 4 x 2200uF caps, they need 14 ... nuff said.

Just another proof that the Chinese Industrial and Commercial system is the best in the World:

**ANY** Chinese, no matter how unqualified (this "design" is proof enough) , can make any product, no matter how cheesy or poorly made and sell it to the World in exchange of good old US Dollars.

Need more proof that uneducated buyers fall for it?
It's straight in the EBay ad:
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