High power PA amplifier.

halvardf said:
I looked at some chematics found at http://pssaudio.com ... Is there any "cheap" solotiun to this quest? Perhaps some good schematics for an amplifiers delivering lets say, 2 x 400w RMS in 4 ohms? Perhaps more?


Good morning French time,

You will now find the schematic, PCB drawing and part list of our 2x1200 Watts amplifier and all other PSS amplifiers (2x80W upto 2x1200W) on our website (technical section, schematic page)!


For owners or builders of previous PSS amplifiers, you will find all tips and tricks either on our website and in our forum boards to update your amplifier (update your PSS amplifier into a 9D one).

PSS AUDIO Forum boards

By March we will post all shematics, PCB drawings and part list of our studio amplifier ...

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The PSS audio team
Amp Schematics

There are quite a few amp schematics on www.schematicsfor free.com

A question. Are you just trying to get an amp cheap or do you want to learn something. If the former, there are enough fully built Chinese made amps on the market, including some from Crown, Samson and Bejringer that are as cheap to buy as the cost of the parts for an amp you build. Cheaper if you buy a used one at a pawn shop.

If you want to learn something, then go for it. Just remember you won't save much money.