High pitched noise heard in my Hyundai

The is a car audio question, not a car stereo question.

Has anyone experienced the 10,000hz hum in their late model car? I've followed some threads on this from individual owner forums but have not found anything about this in DIY audio.

some things I have learned:

The sound has been traced to some if not most engine control modules (ECM)
in foreign made cars of recent vintage around 2009. The problem has been documented for Infiniti and now for the Hyundai Elantra. After reading about the Infiniti G37 I'm sure this is the same.

Have car audio people here used any of the grounding wire kits/mods?

The Big Three grounding technique is one.

There's another set of cables for the Infiniti line from Betty's Garage.
The Black Betty Garage Grounding kit is highly recommended to cure the problem in the G37.

For other makes models, I wondered if this ground wire technique has been documented in car audio sources.

Unlike other threads here for specific car stereos, this noise only goes off when the key is removed.
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