High pass on secondaryof a transformer ESL


2004-03-25 2:43 pm
Den Haag
I wondered and maybe this is the most retarded question ever. with segments you can create a low pass filter But is there a way to create a high pass filter on the secondary ? normally you let the tweeter play full range. but what if you want to make s a tiny panel that has slightly lower DS spacing and such. you need a second transformer ? or is there another way?

Hope someone knows :)
The output levels from transformers set up for ESL panels can be very strange and much more so as you fool with elements tacked on to the input winding (which is easy to experiment with)... even quite ordinary resistors on the input can dramatically alter the output frequency response. Need I add DAMHIK.

Step One is to create a stable easy-to-use measurement breadboard.

thx bentoronto
well i know what happens on the pirmairy of the transformer. and what happens with resistors on both ends on the transformer. but i wondered if it was also possible to have a high pas on the sec. instead of a low pass.with resistors. maybe it is not even possible i dont know :)
I don't know about working with the secondary. I suppose it ought to follow the usual rules, like the way Quad segments their panels.

Of course, you are dealing with high voltages which particularly makes using coils harder to work out. Working with the primary seems a lot simpler.

Either side, you are discombobulating the impedances in complicated ways and all bets are off. That's a reason I again suggest experimenting (empirically) with the input side.