high P LEDS DRIVERS ..electronic design required! maybe some $$ ??

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I am on a project of using recent high powered LEDs for lighting of my new house at 90%+

i've been testing almost all the new LEDS and my choice as stopped on the new Luxeon K2 LEDS because of their heat tolerance VS power VS cost

they also have a very good color rendering index and the warm color when appropreiatly binned, is very good for interior lighting..

that said

as i am not very wise in electornics , i will need help from you guys here, since i know that half of you are practically electronical geniuses :p

I would like to design and test spotlights using K2 leds
for my house interior, and then maybe sell those to public.

What we need :

- led driver modules
- led fixtures/heatsink

I will handle the fixture design, using probably aluminum or copper, and will double as heatsink at the same time

Then for drivers ....
this is the hard part

what i know from the K2 is that the maximum
current is 1500mA and it will use this current when provided with 4.95dc forward Voltage

regular use is at 1000mA where it outputs the most lumens / W

Though in interior lighting,
we would use more units than required to light a certain room, thus having the use dimm the LEDS providing with less heat problems and much longer life.

So either have a very small driver at each unit, wich would be on top of the leds in the fixture
driven by 120ac or a high voltage dc

or have a commune driver at the switch,
wich would drive a X number of leds
more loss because of low voltage in long wires?

neway as i said i am not too good in electronics except for the base...

the main problem is the dimming , wich i think will be hard to get when using constant current drivers??
maybe using controlled voltage drivers instead?

i know that i can easily dim the LEDS if i use a lower voltage from a lab adjustable transformer

Then we need to make this possible to use Z-wave or other more regular dimmers for lighting
so people can actually connect the leds to regular fixtures.

I would think that using drivers on each unit would be more appropriated..but what do i know

so any input will help alot,
my house won't be ready for lighting before end of summer, but if we need to have some boards manufacture in quantity ...some delay will be there neway

and of course,
anybody that will help with the design,
will have his share of the profit if i ever sell any of those :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.