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Atleast that's what my friends and family called it at the intervention...haha...

I was just listening to my speakers that I was just enamored with when they were first done, due to being actively triamped, and digitally room corrected, etc. However, I was just listening to Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck (The Big Cheese from Uncommon Ritual, highly recommended CD, BTW), and the bass just seemed a little...boomy.... I think I am going to start experimenting with sealing the box, or if not...

hmm... I have really been thinking making a transmission line system.... and then I could make gainclones for individual amps and custom build them into the enclosures....

See what happens when you get into building your own speakers. You might as well never put a finish on them because withen months you are reconsidering the whole thing, atleast for me... Maybe I'll leave them as they are... save up my money and make them into line arrays.. I've really been wanting to try that..

Transmission line woofer line, with a line of vifa pl 11s, and I can use my same tweeter... hmm....

Just thought I'd share my insanity with others, haha...
If boominess in the bass is what's bugging you, look into a dipole design.

I looked up mugwump. Is that what you are?
You persuaded me to look it up as well...LOL.

From here:
There is also a slangy sense—less known these days, I believe—of a person who has been persuaded by his possession of a minor official position into a sense of self-importance, often becoming obnoxious as a result.
From the book and film "Naked Lunch", a mugwump is a weird creature that secretes obscene but tantalizingly addictive aphrodisiacs. If you haven't seen the film, you should. It's a classic.

My avatar is a character from "Naked Lunch", not the alien from "Enemy Mine." He wasn't cranky. Neither am I. You've got me all wrong. I'm innocent I tell you, innocent. You've got me confused with someone else.
My speakers are ALWAYS under construction and the most funny part is that it always turns out that the urglier they look the better they sound. (wrapped around with Gaffer tape etc.) I have build lot's of speakers and actualy only finished about four pair of them in 25 years what "high end"looks oncerns but these weren't the best I have built, but they where sold for the best money. Unfortunatly too many people listen with their eyes, not with their ears !!!!!!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.