High Idss 2SK170GR?

I measured a bunch of 2SK170GR for Idss this afternoon and am a little puzzled. First, I am an electronics novice, so please forgive my ignorance.

My milliammeter has blown its fuse and I do not have a replacement in stock yet. So I decided to measure the voltage across a 100R resistor between the positive terminal of a 9V battery and the drain. I shorted the gate and source and connected them to the negative battery terminal.

My voltage readings across the resistor were in the 0.3 - 1.3V range, suggesting an IDss of 3 - 13 mA, with most clustering around 12-13 mA. This is pretty out of range for GR parts. Is there something wrong with my technique, my parts, or does Toshiba play a little fast and loose with their parts labeling?

(my first post)