high frequency Recordings?

Breaking in a pair of Fostex FE166en's. I have low frequency recordings to break in the woofer section. But I need High Frequency's to break in the wizzer cones. Can anyone suggest some recordings on CD that are relatively easy to get that has lots of high frequency's on them? Thank you all very much.
They call that "pink noise"... but I rather doubt that you are going to do much to the whizzer cones by playing the speaker for less than a few years time... or pink noise with a HP filter first... is there something wrong with the way they sound?

white noise could work... FM "interstation" noise might suffice too...

...or perhaps you want a swept tone? Or, better still swept "two tone" signals?

Thank you all. There is nothing wrong with the way they sound. They are new, and I'm told they take a long time to break in and sound their best. The system is in my shop right now. I just built a new SE 300B amp and I'm putting some hours on that and a new pair of Psvane Treasure MKII 300B's, and the speakers, while I get the Den ready to move them in.