High End means we care....?

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Yes Jan, it's hilarious.............but in reality it's sad. So, so sad. Paul Klipsch, James Lansing, David Hafler, Norman Crowhurst, Peter Goldmark, and dozens and dozens of others, dedicated much of their lives looking for ways to improve the enjoyment of music for the masses, and what has happened? Most of this progress has been erased in just one generation by the marketing departments of the likes of Bose, and most of the Pacific Rim consumer electronics manufacturers. There is much truth in this video. Most consumers today haven't the slightest idea what high quality sound is, and what's worse, is that they don't even care!
The problem these days is that "high-end" gear has attempted to come down to their level somewhat, to beat small iPod docks and HTIB systems at their own game.

Many commercial speakers have several woofers per side, in a cabinet that must be too small. The result is a narrow bass bandwidth, so they can hit you in the chest. This is enough for most people, as they'll say "come and listen to this, FEEL the bass!!". The same applies to the hugely overbearing treble they seem to apply.

Courtesy Guido Tent:

YouTube - The High End Store

Hilarious, a must watch!

jan didden

LOL :spin:

Yes, hilarious but in reality it`s usually even worse than that as the salesmen as well mostly don`t have any clue about what they are really talking, they just throw around the high-end buzzwords they don`t understand themselves and then a situation like that one in the little movie gets even more hilarious.

IMO the salesman has made one mistake. After he heard the $500 price figure he should have said "Sorry but You`ve come to the wrong place, $500 just isn`t adequate by a long shot to buy a quality HiFi setup, You`d have to spend at least 4 times this amount of money".
If situations like this really arise regularly may be the shop should invest in a s/h Bose thingy, stop spreading their own rubbish (as cocolino pointed out above and which mirrors my own experience with my local, self-professed high end shop) and give a demonstration.

In the '80s Richer Sounds used to promise to better the sound of any one-box solution using separates of roughly the same price! But they always were a low-budget hifi shop selling end-of-line products at good discounts. On the other hand there were 3 more upmarket outlets within view of my local RS benefitting from RS customers wanting to upgrade further.
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