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high eff 8" Jantzen JA 8008 for sale / EU located

Two pair of Jantzen JA8008 HES lightly used but as new.
High efficiency driver with very smooth frequency response .

Also used in Troels Grevensen Kit

Excellent partner for AMT tweeter too.
Also used in the "El Nino"

EUR 350.- each pair + shipping
(currently sells for EUR 230.- / each new !)

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There is pair of the Jantzen JA8008 left.

Those are in perfect working order.
There are some minor scratches at the back plate and minor marks at the mounting holes of the basket, coating of the surround is dim at a small area.

I can offer this really excellent drivers for EUR 300 plus EUR 25 shipping (EU), as I moved to higher eff. drivers - making EUR 325 for the pair in total.



2003-06-04 7:50 am
I'm interested in your drivers.
I've already have Raal 140-15D so there are few brands which matches the dynamics of serbian ribbons like Audiotechnology, PHL or SS/Illuminator.
Jantzen it's new to me and I'd like to try it in my next active (DEQX-ed) OB project.
Could you be more specific or put a photo with the affected foam surrounds?
I have a friend near ur area (Pfunds).