High bandwith and dampening rate?


2009-02-05 12:50 am
My doxa 73 is over 1 MHz in bandwith, it sounds almost indefinitely in the highs. But dampening rate is too low to control even a 8" 87dB woofer.
My Parasound HCA 2200 mk II is the exact opposite.

How do I combine the two, without having to pay a zillion dollars?


2009-02-05 12:50 am
sounds like your doxa uses little or no global feedback. and as a result has a high output impedance. it takes a bit of global feedback to control cone motion.

Is there a way to add the feedback, if that is the key needed?
Cause the Doxa has all the freaking finer things in life, 3D, space, high resolution - but bass control.

If not, is there a particular amp around 1Mhz bandwith, that can be interesting to have a look at?
Usefull - thanks a million

Oh sorry sam.

Didn't concider total lack of humour here.

To alter an amps output impedanse requires to alter other parameters aswell.
I wouldn't go in to how much to be changed in Your DOXA, without effectively making a total different amp, or as You state in your first post: Using a zillion dollars.
Where an constructor goes to achieve particular properties in an amp determines a lot of the total construction of the amp. You never will be able to get around that fact.

But sorry again for trying to be funny.