hifonics power supply


2011-09-03 11:43 am
Could someone please tell me why my squarewave looks like this.


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Gate or drain of FET? Remember, we are absolutely in the dark except for the information that you post.

The readings on your scope don't correspond to what I'd expect to see.

When posting, make sure that your scope is set to 'cal' (or whatever makes the waveform correspond to the text on the display) and post whether your probe is set to 1x or 10x.

From what you've posted, I can't answer your question.
I don't think so.

Let's say that you are in an elevator but don't know what floor the elevator is on. If you stick your hand out at waist level. How high is your had above ground level? Without knowing where your ground reference is on the display is, you know as much about the displayed waveform.

When you set the scope, you need to use DC coupling and you should set the ground as the center reference line. That's now the following scope was set up. You can see that the waveform is going to within a volt of ground. That's something that's critical to know when viewing drive waveforms.


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