Hifonics BXi2006D

Replaced power supply all is well with that.

Replaced all outputs as there were many shorted. Amp worked great.

Let the amp sit for a few months, was gonna sell it so I powered it up and it drew 20 amps current then subsided and worked fine.

I know thats not right so I let it sit overnight and powered it up this morning, drew 20 amps of current and blew every output.

I think I have an issue with the audio driver board?
It blew 1 from each group on one side of the amp.

I removed them and re powered the amp and it blew the rest from that side.

I removed them and re powered the amp and blew several on the other side.

I dont know whats going on this amp worked great, played it on the bench for hours. Let it sit for awhile and now this??