Hifonics bxi 3000 question driver

I got this amp with burned power supply. Iam not sure with the markings of the driver transistors. Maybe someone can tell me the right name.


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If you can't find exact replacements and this for the power supply, The 2SB1260 and the 2SD1898 should work.

The G1 could be several different part numbers. Most are NPN transistors. The MMBT5551 is probably the safest bet. I have no clue how it's being used in this circuit. If it checks good, I'd probably leave it as is.

Marking of electronic components, SMD Codes G1, G1**, G1***, G1-, G1-***, G11, G15N60, G1=**, G1=***, G1F, G1W, G1p, G1t. Datasheets BC847B, BFS20, DTB113ZK, EMG1, EUP7965-18VIR1, FMG1A, KST5551, MMBT5551, RT9161A-16PX, RT9166-33GVL, RT9166-33PVL, RT9715BGQW, SGB15N60, SGP15N60, SGW15N60, Si2351DS, TC1188-TECT, UMG1N.
Still trouble with the ps. Changed the driver transistors. Mounted for test 4 fets. The current is high, gate resistors start smoke. Removed rectifiers, still the same. Can't take out the Trafos, because they are glued in. Removed the fets, put a capacitor. See pictures. I think it's still something with the driver card.


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Start with a 1000pf and see what that gives you for frequency. You want something between 25k and 30kHz at the FET gates.

Although it's not critical, if you have to order a replacement, use a capacitor with a temperature rating or X7R/C0G/NPO. The frequency will vary less with temperature change than with wider tolerance capacitors.