Hifonics BXI 1206

Got another one of theese amps in..

I replaced the power supply fets and outputs..

I also replaced all of the 1D and 2D transistors on the audio driverboard..

And replaced the A1220A and the C2690A transistors..

If i try to pwer the amp up it goes into protection mode if i pull the audio driverboard the amp will power up..

Any ideas?

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
OK. I've never seen a 1206 with that board but it would not be the first time that they've used different boards for the same model.

The TL072s on the board have caused some protection problems.

Are you sure that you didn't damage any vias when you pulled the audio driver board to replace the transistors?

If you replaced them without pulling the driver board, are you sure that you don't have any bad solder connections or bridges? It's difficult to see all connections if you don't pull the driver board.