Hifonics BRX 3016.1D waveforms

Ok so story on this one was blown power and audio section.

Right now the rectifiers are pulled and a 2 ohm resistor in series with 12v power. No current draw.

I am trying to understand what the attached waveforms are telling me, if they are ok and how to clean them up if they're not.

Replaced R106 and R107 on the Pwm card.

I didnt have any irf064ns but i did have a ton of IRFP3206's on hand.

8 Mosfets in power section changed to Irfp3206.

Gate resistors changed to 10Ω down from 22Ω.

8 drivers replaced with bd139 and bd140. Originally were the C3228 and complimentary pnp.

8 power supply Fets replaced from IRFP064N'S to IRFP3206.

4 pulldown resistors reduced from 470Ω to 220Ω which helped pul back down to ground.


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Yes. I am assuming you mean pin 10 is driving this pair of NPNs i am referencing at 262Ω.

If i measure pin 9 of TL494 to the base of the other set of NPNs i am getting 263.8Ω.

I have been taking measurements from the drivers group driving the bank of irf3206 i referenced with low amplitude. I cant see the designations on the board because of the limited space.


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