Hifonics Brutus Bxi1206d SFp50N06


2008-03-25 8:39 am
hi everyone¡

i have a big problem with my amp, is it a Hifonics Brutus Bxi1206d, it don`t work¡ it burn the SFP50n06 FET`s, and 1 IRF640N fet, i change the SFp50n06 and the irf640n, but the amp burn the sfp50n06 again¡ and i don`t know the problem¡

i think the problem is in the resistances of the fet`s, because the amp burn 2 or 3 resistance and i change all resistances, BUT i buy the resistance and i think the employe of the electronic shop, give me the wrong resistance and i don`t have the originals resistance. please, if one of your`s have the same amp, please, give me the value of all resistance of the fet`s

i need the value of the resistances that go to the SFP50N06, they are 8
and i need the value of the resistance that go to the IRF640N, they are 16, 8 of one value and 8 of other value.

please, help me¡ i need to put to working this amp, is new, this amp only work a few days¡

i have a question?¿
Which is the value in volts that it must come to the SFP50N06
in the source, the gate and the drain legs of the fet`s?

other questions?¿
That another component can be trumping and that could be the problem for which they burn the SFP50N06 FETs.?¿?¿

thanks to all¡¡¡
Some of the brutus amps used 22 ohm resistors. Measure all of them (with the blown FETs removed). If several are 22 ohms, you know that's the correct value.

Shorted output transistors are the most common reason for the power supply FETs to fail. Check them before applying power to the amp.

Approximate voltages (blown FETs removed):

Gate = ~5v
Drain = same voltage as 12v DC power supply voltage
Source = ground = 0v.