Hifonics Brutus BX1695D output section short

I’m working on a Hifonics Brutus amp with a HIP4080 IC driving the outputs. One side of the outputs showed shorted, and when I pulled the output mosfets from that side, only half of them were shorted. The gates resistors all check good, D205C1 tests shorted and R37C tests at .460 megohm. The sister resistor on the other side of the output section R36C test at 3.6 ohm.

The Anode side D205C1 connects to pin 12 of the 4080 IC through the larger resistor located beside it R31C at 12.6 ohms. The Cathode side of D205C1 connects to the inductor through R37C that is reading .460 megohm. I’m trying to understand what caused this failure and is it possible that the 4080 was damaged also.

Shorted inductor?

The power supply on this amp was also destroyed and required an extensive rebuild but it is now oscillating nicely.

I don’t think the power supply going down caused the issues in the output section. I think the output section failed and took out the power supply. But I could be wrong.

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No. All I did was pull the output mosfets. I don’t have another 4080 IC. I’d have to try to find one if it’s shorted. It is socketed though. I could pull it and see what happens. I was curious as to what caused the diode and resistor to fail. As in, did the IC fail and cause the short or did the mosfets fail and cause the shorted components. The mosfets didn’t show any outward signs of failure.