Hifimediy T3 and T2 amps... oppinions?

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Hi guys,

I need amplification for my active speakers and also because I like the idea of DIY audio and want to start somewhere..

I will need a total of six channels of amplification and I am swayed by the T3 and T2 amps from Hifimediy. They look well built, are simple to build into a case and they also seem to be affordable (on my budget).

I would use two mono T3 and two separate 48 meanwell PSU's, and two T2 amps with a meanwell 27v each. I am having a hard time getting my head around a switching PSU being a better option than a toroidal transformer, but I have read it on here enough times that I am beginning to believe! Plus it will simplify my first project to a large extent.

I will initially buy the two T3 amps and PSU's to run my existing 2 way B&W 602S3's, then buy a T2 and PSU as well as a minidsp to run them actively. From there I will purchase another T2 and minidsp to run some diy three ways or two active subs for the B&W's.

Has anyone got any experience of these amps? What is the sound quality like? How is best to impliment them, ie, is there anything else I should factor into my costs before I start buying parts, such as soft start modules or buffer stages?

Has anyone found any links to reviews of these amps?

Your input is greatly appreciated!
if you can wait afew days i may be able to help,ive just recieved a couple that i shall hopefully be getting up and running over the next few days,ill be comparing them to some audio-note amps.
the ones i have are t1 because im using 8ohm 97db speakers but i should think the flavour wont be far off the amps your considering.
im the same as you regarding finding out how they sound,i just took the risk to find out for sure.
ill keep you posted if your intrested.
all the best
I can gladly wait!

The missus needs a christmas present so I need to make sure I have that sorted before I go and spend money on amps and cases, or I wont be posting after the 25th!....

Any progress Smithie? Make sure you get some pictures whilst you're at it!


hi jai
ive just slapped one together and fired it up,so if your a believer in burn in,then its only had a couple of hours on it,also because im using subs with my main speakers im having to run it through my valve pre-amp,so maybe my system and me are not the ideal crew to help you out:D
but ill give a little view incase that helps.
i think the results of this amp is going to depend on where your coming from and what your use to audio equipment wise,if your coming from run of the mill half decent budget ss stuff then i reckon your be well impressed by this,everyone should be well impressed anyway for the money it cost,but what us diyers are always after is that magic item that re-writes the rule books and gives us the quality of sound up there with the finest for nearly peanuts (or is that just me?;))
via my system set up it is very smooth,and although soundstage width is good,the depth leaves alittle to be desired,maybe better break in time may help,maybe better input caps, as ive stated this is just a quicky first thought review.
the main thing im struggerling with is the broad strokes it paints its music picture,its all present and correct but seems to lack the decays,little textures that make instruments etc more life like if that makes any sense,of course ive been a valve guy for many years and it was this very reason why i moved away from ss so many years ago as i found alot of valve amps exclede in that sort of presentation,and its something i love in a amp,to others,they may never of heard it,care about it or whatever in which case i should think there go nuts over this:eek:
as ive said its only been on afew hours,its a great product,crazy at the price,and these are my own quick listern review,could all change after afew days and some tweaking as my system isnt one where you just slide one amp out and put another in:)
anyway hope thats been of some little help so far!
all the best
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Fantastic! Thank you for aking the time to write back...

I am used to fairly basic ss equipment. I have a Denon AVC-A10SE and B&W 602S3 speakers at the moment. This is fed from a laptop via toslink as a source. Some friends have some nice HT stuff that does well with music, but I am by no-means a seasoned audiophile!

I probably look at hifi as the engineer that I am: I want the best possible reproduction of the source material as I can get, with a little sprinkling of 'my fancy' on top. Someone like my girlfriend who is a former art student (immovable object and un-stoppable force anyone??) would describe the sound she hears in terms of colour and emotion. I prefer terms that are more quantifiable (distortion, linearity, imaging, decay, attack etc). It's just a perspective thing!

I am enthused about your findings so far. From what I gather this little amp is competing for your attention against some extremely nice audiophile equipment. My idea of providing myself with an upgrade path means that in the not too distant future I should be able to have some very nice sounds in my living room!

It would probably be wise for me to buy the dual mono T3 amps, a passive attenuator (stereo) and a nice DAC/USB streamer and enjoy some music! Proper Hifi for reasonable money. :)

Again, many thanks and I look forward to your, and others, impressions.

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