Hifimediy ES9023+TE7022 24/96 USB Dac -> I2S


2013-05-01 4:06 pm

I have the above mentioned DAC connected to my raspberry pi and on the output (at the moment the analog one) to a minidsp. Now I thought of directly using an i2s signal out of the TE7022 chip for use with the minidsp. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!
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2010-08-26 1:34 pm
One drawback of direct I2S connection between Tenor and miniDSP: miniDSP is running at a fixed samplerate (e.g. 48kHz for the 2x4) and you have to make sure your I2S signals are running at this samplerate. Unfortunately output samplerate of Tenor depends on the file (music, mp3, whatever,...) actually beeing played.

Also take care of I2S master and slave!