Hifidelio PRO 160Gb : a very practical transport


My latest toy :cool:

Being fedup with these old Philips cd players a total change to a very modern transport.

It's a STANDALONE music server (so no computer required), burner, streamer, internet radio, digital recorder with 160Gb harddisk, USB ports for memory sticks, MP3 players and portable harddisks, 4 port 100Mbit hub and Wireless acces point 54Mbit.

I'll just use it to store my cd collection in FLAC format and use it as a standlone player and later a synced clocked transport to a DIY DAC :)

Coming months I will update my progress, install an Tent XO-3 clock with VCO module :att'n: that can either run freely or be synced to a DIY DAC with the Tent XO-DAC and Tent Link.

This device is great fun :D