HiFi transistors


2005-09-01 8:20 pm
There have gone some time since I made my previous amp, and I have decided to start a new project.

My new project is going to use 70V power supply, but i have not yet decided on what transistors to use. The only transistor i have decided on is the current amp in the end, which is going to be made of several 2SC3281 and 2SA1302.

Do anyone have any recommendations for really good HIFI transistors that i can use?

Remi Holm
for the Slone amplifiers (as well as the Sumo Polaris in which we keep trying to get the schematic correct) the following transistors are used:

2n5401 + 2n5551
2n3906 + 2n3904

the voltage amplifier transistors could be 2sb649 and 2sd669 as in the Slone Amp, or 2sa1360, 2sc3423 in the Polaris.

others which I have seen used:
MPS8099 + MPS8599 (Leach amplifiers)

Let me know if you have difficulty sourcing any of these.


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2005-05-25 2:25 am
my favorite transistors are:

small signal: 5401/5551
driver: 21193/21194. Sometimes I will through a mosfet (irf510 or the likes).
output: fqa19n20 or 27n50 - cheap, indestructable.

A lot of others would have worked but since I have a boat load of them, why bother (for me)?
Thank you...

Currently I'm using MJE13005. Because here in the local market, the power transistors which are easily available and cheap are those used in TVs and electronic ballasts. Choices for audio are 2N3055 and 2N3773. And yes of course... there is fakes.

I do not like to hear 3055 or 3773 anymore... the next choice is MJE13005 and BU508...! :rolleyes:

What I want to know was... wether the BU508 will sound better or worse (or fumes) than the others.


2004-03-15 5:20 am
amp schematic needed

hi friends,
I wanna build a hi-fi amp for home use.I have built p3a but wanna better than this. Please post a nice amp schematic that i can build using the below mentioned semiconductors as i have got plenty of them. I want 100-200wrms of good output quality.
Hope someone would help