Hifi car audio guy taking his addiction inside

Hey all - excited to learn a bit more from this community.

Currently a massive DIY car audio guy with a pretty competitive nationally ranked vehicle filled with Accuton Automotive, Focal Utopia, Brax, Mosconi and other nice SQ brands. Love the DIY side.

My truck's front stage:

Amp rack I built:

On to the home audio side:

Been looking to create myself a basic, but quality reference 2.0 or 2.1/2 system at home. 1 - I get to enjoy music in a much better environment than in a car
Probably a bit against the DIY grain but I have a set of KEF Meta R3s on the way and a WiiM Ultra pre-ordered as my streaming/DAC/pre-amp. Still in the discovery stages of what I am trying to find for an amp and long term a sub.

Excited to read more here.
Welcome! A lot of people here get into DIY Hifi from another music avenue…for me it was guitar pedals and amps. So you are not alone.

For me, car audio and home hifi and headphones are 3 distinctly different things. Same music but they are not as related as you would think as far as experience goes. So you might totally get into home hifi and find it a revelation or it might not do anything for you. It can be tricky. But Iam guessing you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

For DIY stuff you really have a lot of amplifier/preamp options depending on your tastes here. Do some research, get an idea of what you might like and give it a shot. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to many hobbies and surely compared to your auto system.