HiFi-2000 Galaxy Enclosure measurements

I'm always bewildered by the incomplete dimensional information for these enclosures. Wherever you look, the information is always missing something. For example, looking at the diyAudio store's dimensional information for the 2U Galaxy ALU 330 mm wide enclosure, the webpage states: internal height= 80mm, external height= 86mm, Top and bottom plates thickness= 2 mm. My calculation suggests that the external height should then be 80 mm+2 mm+ 2mm=84 mm and not 86 mm as stated. Which is it??


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Thanks for helping out Drew :) Yes, I agree with you guys some information are confusing and misleading and an overhaul is something which has long been overdue but has never been done.

@bjornmagnus 84mm is the correct answer since the aluminium covers of the Galaxy chassis are 2mm thick each. I think this was a typo as 86mm is the external height of the Slim Line chassis (which has 3mm thick aluminium covers)
Thanks for the links Drew! I'm not a CAD guy but I got a DXF viewer and was able to get that detail confirmed.

Thank you Gianluca! I'm glad we got this clarified. Your enclosures appears to have absolutely excellent quality. I'll get back home to US next month and will be able to check the Galaxy and MiniDissipante chassis out in more detail as I have only seen them briefly when I got them delivered back in May.

I believe there is much to be gained by developing a set of drawings that shows all the details, incl. assembly hardware pieces. I understand that you will need to provide them as CAD files, but a set of detailed PDFs would help all of us that are not well into CAD design and the tools associated therewith. A lot of head scratching will thereby be eliminated and I predict you will sell even more units!

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