Hifg Voltage Rectifiers


2009-02-28 11:55 am

I´d like to see a discussion about rectifying tube voltages.

Once, someone said, Tube rectifiers sound better than solid state diode rectifiers. - mhhhh...

In the last 25 years, I found out, that everything should be heard first. People read much more about sound than listening to it.
I found out, that many rectifiers in my environment sounded worse than good diodes. Only very good rectifier Tubes sound `better`. (I know, it´s extremely subjective.) I have a couple of GZ34 , A-types, EZ80/81/90, most of them have been beaten by my BYV38, which is a very good diode .
And if you compare, don´t forget to correct the resulting output voltage, because if not, you change the operating point of the cirquit !!!

I only found two tubes that sounded more live and 3D to my ears than the diodes.
And I want us all to avoid to pay *ullshit prices to the many dealers who only want to make money. I have a whole box with almost 20 highly named GZ34, 5U4G ect, none of them worth 10% of the money asked for.

So tell me , what are your favourite rectifiers, no matter what brand , what heater voltage, tubes, diodes, boost recties, whatever.