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Hiface DIY module I2S output galvanically isolated

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A new modified Hiface is released, the 24/192 USB-I2S unit has optimised power supplies & galvanically isolated I2S output. It comes in both component self-build modules & as a boxed finished plug & go version.

It has the following modifications to the stock board:
- The on-board 1.8V & 3.3V switching regulators have been replaced with ultra-low noise regulators.
- The clocks are isolated from these supplies so they can be fed with their own clean, independent, low noise 3.3V PS. This will ensure the best low jitter performance from the clocks which is critical for best sound.
- The I2S signal from the Hiface is fed through an I2S isolator which electronically isolates it from the source so no ground or PS noise can bleed through from the USB connection to the DAC.

The basic module is a modified Hiface board as above & is intended for the DIY user who can supply clean 5V power to the Hiface, a clean, low noise 3.3V supply for the clocks & a good quality I2S connection to his DAC. The cost is €100

Add-on options include a Power supply Pack which provides a regulated 5V to feed the Hiface, a 3.3V LiFePo4 battery to power the clocks, a LiFePo4 battery charger & various switches & LEDS for panel mounting.

A connector pack add-on provides panel mount USB & LAN connectors.

A fully boxed plug & go version is also available. See here for more details & pricing https://sites.google.com/site/hifacemods/home/announcements/hifacei2s

This 24/192 asynchronous USB transport using low jitter clocks with optimised power supply feeding galvanically isolated I2S to a DAC results in one of the best computer audio transports available currently.
The basic unit as above costs €100

The connector pack allows mounting the USB & LAN (I2S) connectors on an outside panel of your box & price €35

Power Supply add-on Pack can be provided which will supply a clean 5V & 3.3V supply. The 3.3V supply is provided by a LiFePO4 battery which has proven to be a very successful sonic upgrade to the stock SPDIF Hiface. The cost is €75 What is included is:
- LiFePO4 battery
- Battery charger
- 5V DC supply
- Switch + LED
- 2.1mm socket for external power supply.

The Boxed unit is a fully boxed version of all of the above with a Ethernet (LAN) socket where the I2S signal is available.
All you will need to provide is a LAN cable to connect to your DAC’s LAN input & you will also need an external 9V to 12V external DC power supply.
The box is either a black plastic or a new aluminium box. Prices from €260
Introductory Offer

For the first 5 orders of the I2S Hiface I will be including a Sabre ES9022 DAC mounted & fully working. So essentially this means that you will get a fully working 24/192 USB & 24/192 DAC. This outputs 2V RMS for connection directly to preamp or amplifier, no need to build an I/V stage. Indeed this will drive all headphones directly from the analogue outs - this is the same Sabre chip used in the Nuforce uDac from which headphones are directly driven & praised for it's sound. Again this only applies to the first 5 orders, only.
On your website, it lists the power supply add on at 25 euros, not the 75 euros mentioned here. I suspect 75 Euros is more like it, so you may want to update the site. If it really is 25 euro only, please add it to the basic kit I ordered ;-)
Thanks! It would be nice if I was in the first 5!
Thanks Joshua, you are correct this pricing is a mistake - as part of the introductory offer the connectors have been reduced to €25 & the power pack to €45.

BTW, you are in the first 5 so you will get the Sabre DAC ES9022 ready to go as part of this intro
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