Hickok 800A line adjust problem


2013-05-11 1:53 am
Cant set line adjust on this tester - replaced the 83 and 5Y3 rectifiers (with solid state) from suggestions I found but still cant adjust. The line adjust pot is good, cleaned P7 and all other switches and sockets - anybody have any advise before I change all the caps?
When you say "can't adjust" what exactly does that mean? Always too low? Always too high? Or just does not move the meter at all. Tubes and capacitors, if there are any, do not affect this. The line adjust is in the power transformer primary. The push buttons on hickok testers like this get dirty and don't always work. Make sure they (P7) are clean.
I don't have the manual for the 800 but my tv7 manual states that: if the meter moves but don't adjust is either a bad transformer, bad meter, bad rectifier ( the solid state one for the meter not the tubes) or any of the 2 resistors connected to each side of the rectifier open, or if the meter does not move at all is either the rectifier, the cap across the meter, the transformer, the switch or any of the 2 resistors going from the node between the 2 resistors mentioned earlier and the switch.

I don't know if the 800 has the solid state rectifier the tv7 has but i think it should. Both my tv7 and 750 had it.

I hope this helps a bit.