Hi-Voltage JFET's


2004-12-25 12:24 pm
Thanks DJK & MTLIN for the great links........

yeah you are a great mindreader....yes i do need complementary , but if they are not available than i would narrow my search to P-channel HV JFETS only........


why are you scratching you head, dont you know the meaning of being a symmetrical implementation in design, oh i mean to say the symmetric design or you dont even understand what is the meaning of symmetry.......I donot know russian..but my father know the russian very well because he is in Vladivostok in Siberia.....
dimitri said:

Gate Threshold Voltage for enhanced is positive 0.4V, for depletion is negative -3V, why not possible?
JFETs have a PN junction between gate and source, so current flows into the gate if they are forward biased, which is not good. Looking at the datasheets, it seems that their enhancement JFETs are designed to withstand a high gate current, but I'm not sure how they are useful comared to MOSFETs.

Nelson Pass said:
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