hi to all folks!

I'm new here...

My name is Gianmaria, I live in Italy.

As well as everyone here I love listening to music in every moment of my life, when possible.

I started DIY audio 2 years ago with my car's audio setup (3-way passive xover+1 sealed sub unit). Designing and building xover and subwoofer box was funny but foa it was fundamental in my learning process.

A friend of mine (a clever craftsman) was buyilding a pair of tower loudspeaker for a client, so it took my attention and I've been assisting my friend during the entire process, it acted like a magnet for my mind!

I'm not a "techie", I'm not able to draw in mind xover networks but I love jobs well-done, such as using hi-mass MDF (instead of pale light commercial type), consistent bitume coating, air-proof glueing etc. but I love working with wood.

I've restored my dad's old 90's Dynaudio cabinets (not MDF) coating the interiors with bitumen and replacing crunchy cables with new ones, as well as terminal connectors. They are still great speakers and deserved some attention.

Now I'm building from the scartch a pair of bookshelf reflex speakers to be used in my country house.

I'm planning to build a pair of tower speakers (MTM or TMM, still have to understand which one is best for my purposes).

I'm a sealed box addict, nothing against bass-reflex but I love tight, detailed bass.

I hope to learn a lot from you, I hope one day to be a valid source for someone else... thanks a lot for now!