Hi There everyone.

Andy G from Newcastle Australia.

For those don't know me, i usually frequent a couple of other forums.
I build "different" loudspeaker cabinets, usually which stretch my woodworking skills (and patience) too far. I also use, almost exclusively, series cross-overs, and have a reasonable collection of information about them on my web site.


so feel fre to have a look, and if any of you have your own DIY loudspeaker web sites, feel free to email the information to me so I can add them to the list.

Its ALL about enjoying the music guys !!!!
First DIY project...first demo!!!

Wow!!! I just finished my first DIY project!!! It looks similar to a Voigt pipe, however I stretched it depth-wise and compressed it vertically....It sounds terrific..hmmm..possibly better than my 901s(?). Can't wait to make my modified-even-more verisons. Three drivers in cabinet and an external cabinet on the side to give a spacier sound or, ultimately to reflect sound. I love to make interesting looking speakers...everyone (Average listeners) that has seen the system goes, "what the?"...Hey, that doesn't sound half bad.":D