hi new here can some one pls help me with something

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i have a directed 1500d that the power wires touched on and stays in protect i found a couple of theese mosfet things to be defective there were clear burns on some the part number they have on them are
1st kind i need irf9640on top in bottom corners 2a 242k dont know what all this means or what to replace with theres also a few other numbers i need
2nd fb31n20d bottom corners 99 70 again dont know whats compatible what type to order some one pls help

3rd ones are n339ab then underneath that 75343c or a g its hard to make out again any help would be great thank these are realy nice amps and would love to get her going again thanks
Well, you are new. the 99-70 is possibly a date code, year 99, day of year 70. irf might be international recitifier, a mosfet manufacturer. Try typing your numbers in datasheetcatalog.com in various ways. i found them through a google search on a part number. Check this link, nigelwright likes irf 9240's. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/parts/180100-favourite-transistors.html
Lots of times parts are labled by the manufacuter to a "secret code" specified by the equipment builder, so that you have to buy the part from them. Then you have do that, or guess and try something else. Hint- look at the power supply voltages, look at the selector tables for discretes on newark.com or mouser.com and check out what is cheap for that voltage because everybody is using that. Also match your package to the ones on newark or mouser. Takes some clicking of part specs and reading datasheets to learn what the package codes mean- they are always changing them. TO3 has 4 or 5 new names these days.
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thanks that helped a lil

well you helped me out a lil im kinda getting it now so those numbers might not mean 2a and all that on them cause i see like the most comon ones are like 11a and all that but i was hoping somone here is familiar with these amps so i put the right ones in i dont want to by wrong ones and cause more damage and theres so many names and i dont even know what type theese are pnp and hexfet mosfet cluless any more help would be great if somone has done this before thanks

bad news also i took out all the outputs it powers up doesnt go into protect im taking it thats good the bad news is i had them all neatly lined up the way they came off and went down stairs one day and they were all scatered so now even if i get the right parts wich i need help in getting i dont know wich way they go now pls help some one pls
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