Hi!!. I'm Steve from Devon in the United Kingdom

Hello ALL Forum users!!.
Have joined DIYAUDIO as a means to increase my awareness and access to the continuing evolution of Hifi Audio.
At present I am continually searching for ways to tweak & improve my listening experience. My present system is basically Cyrus based, with Nola speakers & Purist Audio Design speaker cables. Interconnects include Black Rhodium with various power leads from Isotek and MCRU.
I am awaiting an rider for a couple of MONOBLOCK ICE Amps to arrive from Ghent Audio in China, I will then complete my system upgrades when I receive a Cyrus XT Signature CD player in the next couple of months or so, I know there is at least an 8 week waiting time, but we are a patient bunch over here in the UK.
Anyway, thank you for looking in and will be enjoying my time being part of this community. Cheers Steve!!😎🇬🇧🇨🇷🇬🇧🇨🇷