Hi Guys, new kid on the block...

Joined today while looking for some info. I can't truthfully say that I am an "audiophile" but I have been into audio and radio electronics since about my 11th birthday in 1956! Is that long enough! I have reasonably extensive interest and experience in radio since my Father bought me a Gov't surplus R1495 receiver for my birthday and slowly worked my way up to a Merchant Navy Radio Officer in the 60's, then I went to the UK Civil Aviation people installing Instrument Landing Systems and VHF beacons all over the country. I built a few Heathkit sets in that time too, some test gear and an AR14 stereo receiver and joined the Royal Naval Reserve as a radio operator. Emigrating to New Zealand with a new wife in 1974, I instructed apprentices in the art of not letting the smoke out when repairing receivers and transmitters. When the boys (and girls!) were away at tech college I repaired test gear back to manufacturers specs. In 1979 I was promoted to Flight Radio Engineer, which meant swanning around the South Pacific Islands and NZ inspecting the radio aids in our own aircraft at the tax payers expense. (Well, somebody had to do it!)
That was too good to last, and the Gummint decided we were too expensive and put the job out to tender. I moved to Mount Cook Airline as a licensed avionics engineer and later absorbed into Air New Zealand, then retired as a a Calibration Engineer looking after all the test gear required to keep a major maintenance base operating.
All this time I was interested in buying old radios and restoring them back to former glory - some were given to friends and relations but most were donated to charity to sell off at sales functions.
Still have a lot of rare and interesting receivers which all work well as well as some audio equipment in daily use that I have repaired/refurbished or even just kept from initial purchase new.
Thanks for inviting me into your forum, I hope I can be of some help.
Best regards - Martin Cook ZL2MC