Hi From New Delhi

Thanks for the interest

Hi Hugo and George,
I hope you read this reply and thanks for your interest.

My interest is mainly small (10cm to begin with) single full range driver speakers, utilizing enclosure design as opposed to crossover circuits. I want to achieve satisfying results without extra electronics or sub-bass units.

I just finished building a pair of TQWT enclosures for some JBL dual cone 4" drivers (new old stock) I found gathering dust in an auto audio shop in Delhi. The following project will be a modified Fostex rear loaded horn design for a pair of FE103E's I just picked up while in Tokyo.

Cheers, Stuart
Thanks Cal, for the links. I will check them out. For sure, there are slim pickings in India for FR/WR drivers. I will be moving within the next 6 months, anyway.

FYI, I picked up in Japan (there is a very active DIY community there) a magazine dedicated to DIY speaker people. In this issue comes a small (3", i assume) fostex "kit" to build your own speaker...all components and instructions included in an attached box. It was 2800 yen, which is about 20 USD. I bought two, so I could have a set. It will be interesting to play around with these and see what you can do with the minimum.

CHeers, Stuart
Hi Stuart

Sorry for the delayed reply, I just saw this..

I have built a few speakers systems for my home(for audio and HT), all two ways, a couple of them are designs that Joe D'Appollito has done-the MTM type two ways. I also have a couple of powered subs using passive radiators.

I have heard Lowthers, but never listened to Fostex. I considred trying full raneg but with too many speakers around the house, just gave up!


Originally posted by s_zimble
FYI, I picked up in Japan (there is a very active DIY community there) a magazine dedicated to DIY speaker people.
CHeers, Stuart
please tell us the name/website of this magazine
was it this one?

I do not have the Japan links in front of me, but do a scan of the last week in the "DIY equivalents in India..." thread. I posted the info there.

Japan has some very interesting designs happening and lots of supply. They have a way of giving much attention to aesthetics and unusual materials and do not seem to rely purely on math, and the "ultimate" performance. I suppose part of it is that the experience of listening to music is spacial, visual (for those with eye sight), etc...

Hi Stuart

At this point in time with three speaker systems in three rooms, two subs, three two channel amps and an AV receiver, any more talk of speakers will stir up serious trouble at home..

What I'd like to do, though, is to listen to some full range drivers, perhaps on my next trip to the US next summer. I have reached a point where I will not buy anything more without auditioning them.

FYI, I have used some of the better drivers available in my current systems-Focal and Raven ribbons in my AriaR MTMs and Scanspeaks in my other two ways. So having benchmarked performance at a fairly high level, anything new has to be better!

Yes, I hear Japanese attitudes towards audio and hifi are a bit different from the western ones. I have also switched to tube amps-I have a 35 wpc pp EL 34 based amp and another one is a DHT PP using 2A3 valves. I have a solid state amp 55wpc(AKSA) which is now gathering dust, I plan to take it out of storage and fire it up one of these days.


Sounds interesting George,

Indeed three systems sounds like a limit. I am working on two...

I might be a challenge to find single driver stuff on display in standard shops. A place in up state NY called North Country Audio has some stuff but you should call or email ahead to make sure. They deal with these wonderful (and wonderfully expensive) speakers called Brentworth, but I am not sure they have any display models.

I am sure you are aware of this, but keep in mind that single FR driver enclosures are a completely different animal to XO multi driver speakers. You have to live with them for a little time...move them around in the room...match with the right amp (normally low wattage because of the efficiency of the driver/enclosure combination), driver break in period, etc. Then you begin to hear the beauty of them....especially with jazz, classical, folk guitar stuff, ect... For sure, if ACDC is your frequent choice, then single driver speakers are not for you. I listen to ACDC on occation, but will use my sealed enclosure two-ways...

FYI, I also own tube equipment, but it is not with me in Delhi. I have my Dynaco Stereo 70 (2 x 35) in the States (left behind in Philadelphia to get a make over by a talented tube-amp builder friend), and a strange but very nice 15 watt (2 x 7.5) French think called F. Merlaud. I never heard of it befor I bought it on ebay from a guy in Italy.

If you are ever in Delhi, you can listen to my first attempt at TQWT with single JBL FR drivers in them. They are cool, but this JBLs are a bit weak in the mid-high and high range. My next project will be a BLH with some FE103E's (Fostex). They should be an improvement.

Regards, Stuart
If you are ever in Delhi, you can listen to my first attempt at TQWT with single JBL FR drivers in them. They are cool, but this JBLs are a bit weak in the mid-high and high range. My next project will be a BLH with some FE103E's (Fostex). They should be an improvement.

I am from Delhi and sometime post on this forum. I would like to listen to the speakers that you have made.
I can also show you some work done by people in Delhi in the field of tube audio and speaker building using locally made drivers.
Hi Stuart

Thanks for the invite.

At this time Delhi is a bit far away for me, but who knows! In the event that you happen to come by this way, youre welcome to listen to my gear while sipping some single malt!

I have heard Lowthers on a trip to Florida many years ago, don't quite remember the impressions though-it was a brief audition. On the same trip I also heard Martin Logan electrostatics which did make an impression!

My PP EL 34 amp must be quite similar to your Dynaco ST 70. It is a Welborne Labs V.35, a model now discontinued, which is a redone, modernised ST 70. I have added the upgrade which comprised of Caddock resistors and some high quality caps.

The DHT PP 2A3 is the Joplin from diyhifisupply, which also came via the US.


Hi Aman,

In my limited experience procuring drivers in Delhi, I found some new old stock of these JBL 40 and JBL 60 full range drivers (these are not 2-way). They are above average for what else is available in auto audio shops and have impressive bass output. But check that the coils are not corroded and frozen in place!! This happened to me on one pair that I bought. You can also mail order on line higher quality driveres and other supplies from Corrsons in Bangalore, but at much greater cost.

I would say that for a first project, try to find the JBLs I mention (4 inch or 6 inch). But if you are not that bothered by crossover electronics (as I am) you could go for a "2 way" car speaker, as long as the speaker is not boot leg and is of good quality.

Good luck.


2004-03-15 5:20 am
car speakers

hi s_zimble
I want only two pairs of fullrange jbl speaker that u have mentioned for my home use if... they are available in delhi. Please... tell me the shop, market etc. I have got a pair of 3-way pioneer(300watt written on them) in my car and they are playing well but i dont wanna use them in an enclosure as i dont know their t/s parameters and moreover they have got no dustcap as the midrange and tweeter are attached to the inner bore in the middle of the magnet and the dust can easily get into the VC.
any suggestions??????
I am sure there are 6" ones available in Lajpat Nagar. I cannot exactly describe the location but can find it on foot. There is an area near a car dealership that faces Zafir Hussain Marg. In this area are many car audio places. Just ask for the JBL 60s and 40s and see what they have. GO shop to shop and good luck.