Hi from Manchester, UK

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Hi all!

Just wanted to write a quick message to say hi and introduce myself :)

I'm a total novice when it comes to DIY audio. I've had an interest in audio for a while now, and used to work in a very small hifi retail chain.

Originally I'm from down south, but came to Manchester to do an MSc.

Anyway, I've been silently browsing a particular thread for a while now and am blown away by the amount of knowledge people have on here, so decided to join :)

Looking forward to getting stuck in!
Hi Woodsy,
welcome to the forum. It "is" an amazing place to search through; I have no doubt that you will spend a good many hours skipping from one thread to another and following hundreds of links to all manner of interesting places as your curiosity grows.
The knowlege about audio electronics contained in this site is awesome and really quite scary!
You will come across lots of very different characters, mostly all extremely eager to help out with anything that you throw in. Some are very funny, some are dead straight, some are quite rude, and some have pretty big ego's, and some are very opinionated, but that's human nature and it is a better place because of it.

What threads are you reading and what are your main interests?
Above all though they are all very interesting
Hi there :)

I'm really into photography as well as audio, so I'm part of a large UK photography forum as well, so I catch your drift when it comes to the varying members!

My training is in physics, but more the optics and plasmonics side of things. As a result, whilst I understand on a relatively basic level the principles of electronics, my understanding of applied electronics is sketchy at best! Hence my joining and asking all the questions under the sun! (Many thanks to sharpi31 who's been very helpful indeed!)

Not long ago, I bought a TK2050 Class-D amp from Sure on ebay through recommendation from my brother (who has also bought one and looking to get into it as well - Though he is leagues ahead of me when it comes to electronics in general!). So the threads I've been browsing are the related ones in the Class D forum. Whilst I've always had an interest in good sound, my actual experience with "DIY" audio started about 2 months or so ago. :D
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.