Hi from another Aussie

Hi people,
joined a few days ago and already posted on the solid state amps section. I'm mainly interested in tweaks and mods but recently bought a Tascam CD-RW4U CD player/burner and I think it's fantastic! Anyone else got one of these? It's on the end of a Pioneer A400 amp and home-built KEF tansmission line speakers. A few days ago I put the CD player on springs (well actually egg holders from the $2 shop) as it did wonders for my turntable a few years ago, and the result was amazing! Bass is now a bit deeper and more powerful. Well worth the $2.:hot:

Hi there metako,
I joined today actually. Thought I would say G'day to a fellow aussie. I am on Perth.
I am interested in your transmissionline design kefs, as i am currently listening to my TDL transmission line speakers, fed with a denon pma-920 amp and a marantz cd-52se
They sound good, but I am going to start a project and build my own speakers (reason for joining up here)

Anyway, will have to try the egg cup springs on my cd player, currently I have 3 phone books on it to deaden any vibrations from the speakers.

Hi tater,
What are you unhappy about in your TDLs? They are a great design. Mine are based on a design in ETI magazine from the seventies which I no longer have but they are bigger than the TDLs and used by that mag as their reference. Whats the Denon amp like? How many watts? Let us know what you think of the "eggmod". ("are you eggmodded?")