Hi-Fi/High end treble. Tweeter or compression driver+horn? Any experiences/examples?

I am looking for very good, verified solutions for the treble. Home listening and best sound in target.
I intend to use it in an open baffle dyi project 3 ways or 4 ways, active, 2x18", 1x12" and... I am looking for something after the 12".
The 12" it will be probably Beyma 12P80Nd (I have an used pair, I am not sure if it is V2 or not).
Thank you!



2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Not for OB. I'm using mine (soon) with an ATC mid ; anticipate xover at 2k5 based on early measurements.

There are heaps of threads on the TPL which I'm sure will bring you answers. Some have removed the rear covers and run them OM.
The Heil AMTs can be bought new and are OB by design.