Hi-Fi Frauds ?

Other frauds - the hifi variety

I occasionally pick up a copy of Stereophile so that I can witness hyperbolic fraudulent reviews in the making. I like the guy who was wiring his power line back to the distribution box with some wire which cost $90 per lineal foot. Might I suggest that he extend the wiring back to the pole, perhaps back to the step-down xfmr, perhaps back to the substation. It seems that all these reviews are down on the same Microsoft Word template, the gushiness remains the same, the product names are all that changes.

Fer crissakes, you could get a pair of grand paterre seats at the Metropolitan Opera for a couple years for less money/more enjoyment than the stuff which is written about in high-end audiophile magazines.
You don't believe it?


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"The simplest method of treating the C.D., Video and vinyl discs is to place a 3 or 4 cm long line in one position at the edge. After applying the Violet mark to the edge of the disc as described, the treatment is then activated by tapping the Violet marking with the end of the cap of the Violet pen."

Thats why it never worked! - It needs to be activated, *****!!!

Look here:


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Day Tripping

Hello Thomas, Thanks very much for this link - I must say I got some really deep belly laughs, even though I could not bring myself to read it all.

HPotter, I think Thomas's point is that people who are hallucinating 24/7 should not under any circumstances be allowed own a hi-fi.

I think some of the following quotes say it all.

WHAT A MESS !!!! -- An alternative view of reality.

To restore a significant temporal (time) symmetry to any person's senses, it is necessary to......

The Quantum Clip device is a far superior device to activate the Red 'x number than the battery torch technique described.

These 'mirror' devices have been produced for experimental purposes only. The final version of this device will be in the form of a single label which will have a complex computer programme printed on it by a laser printer.

I get the feeling that the sixties were unkind to him.


PS - Hmmmm, maybe there is a market for repackaged Prozac or Viagra or something, that is guaranteed to improve the listening experience.
Heeeeyyy, maybe I'm onto something big here ? :)
Any believing reviewers and publicity writers please send your applications here.
Re: Day Tripping

mrfeedback said:
HPotter, I think Thomas's point is that people who are hallucinating 24/7 should not under any circumstances be allowed own a hi-fi.
Something like that.

I read an article in a "hifi" magazine sometime in the 80's about this guy Peter Belt. He made some realy strange tweaks at that time, like placing a sheet of this in every book in the room and placing a sheet of that under the listening chair. - Knowing this, I was surprised to see HOW far it has gone these days.


2001-10-31 10:52 pm
Nice thread, how about this:

I received a spray can of 'Analogue CD-spray' with my audio magazine. After spraying on a CD the sound was supposed to be more 'analogue'. I discovered it only got me a slippery floor. And some experiments later I found out it was the best suitable to make my car tyres look shiny black :)

And George Tice too!

Make a long story short......when the Tice power conditioners came out, EVERYONE had to have one. Except you-know-who, who cried the emperor has no clothes. Again.

A few years later, one of my dealer buddies moved, and didn't have room for his Tice logs. Convinced him to not hook them up at first. Then I let him do it after a while.

His next step was to put them up for sale.

Belief Systems ?.

Ok Peter, what are those blanket things on your cables, what do they do, and how do they work ?.
And how much did they cost ?.

To Jocko, Yes like Lou Reed said - "Don't believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear !.

I am well familiar with the improvements wrought by proper application of AC line filtering, isolation transformers, power factor correction, and better AC power leads, but the claims on both http://www.ticeaudio.com and http://www.belt.demon.co.uk are just a little too zealous for me.

Perhaps these fruitcakes are amateur hypnotists in their spare time ?.

Further, I went back and read more of the Peter Belt stuff, and just can't believe that other people believe this bull**** that is being propagated !.

Does anybody here admit to using any of these things ?.

Eric, the non believer.
To tell the truth I don't know. The speakers and jackets belong to Jerome Gladstein, co-founder of "Fi" magazine. And when you look closer at a disc I presented earlier it's Lou Reed's "New York", one of my all time favourites.
I don't necessary acccept all the claims and trends but never critisize them untill I prove to myself that they don't work. I bet you didn't try at least half of what you are talking about. From my previous experiences I can almost guarantee that in half of the circumstances you would be really suprised with your findings. At least I was. But it also needs a system with an exceptional resolution.
I too cannot understand how somebody can be sell $150 wall receptacles and $200,000 speakers, but on the other hand, maybe there is a reason behind it. At least I don't call them lunatics, I just refuse to buy their products.
Maybe your opening would be more appropriate if it say:
"I know you can hear the difference, all I'm saying is that the difference is not important to me". Because if it was, you wouldn't start this thread.:)
IME, to the non educated ear, a subtle change is often automatically interpreted as a good change.
Of course unscrupulous dealers capitalise on this.
The more learned ear can tell in about 10 seconds whether a change is satisfying and a long term listening improvement but a large library of recalled listening experiences is required to do this quickly and reliability.
George once told me "everything we used to believe about transformers in not right".
The ones he uses run very close to the saturated flux density. On purpose. Explains why the bass sounds like crap."
Jocko, what were George's claims, and what is the sonic result in your terms,
and why does a nearly saturated transformer cause this ?.

He didn't make any futher claims, and I had heard enough at that point. It is a free country, and he is free to sell anything he wants.

I just didn't like the way stuff sounded with them. Bass sounded loose and flabby. (But if it sounds like more......then viola! Instant sales.) If the transformer is close to the saturated flux density at idle, transients will push it even closer. No telling what all gets through the line then.