Hi-Fi 4 guitars

hey guys (new user here)
just wondering...could you use Hi-Fi stereos as a guitar amp..? i mean will the sound come out "similar" to normal 15/20 watt guitar amp ?


if ur building a box speaker...would using 2x 100 watt in-car speakers (pioneer) fitted in a wooden box "work"...or would it sound kinda strange or awkward ?
I'm sure that you could use a cheap hi-fi to amplify your guitar, the results however, will be nothing like what a guitar amp would sound like.

Usually a guitar amp is considered part of your guitar sound, just are your pickups and strings are part of your sound. Most guitar amps use fairly large, high efficiency speakers which rarely have a flat frequency response. To an extent this is good for guitar though as is adds character to the sound. In guitar amps there are many parts that contribute to the sound; the EQ, the speaker, distortion/fuzz/overdrive circuits etc and in the case of valve amps the valves and transformers distorting. When recording guitar in the studio or getting sound into a desk for live work, direct line outs from the guitar are frowned upon as they are too clean, lack character and generally sound really poor. Most of the time it's a case of set up the guitar and amp to get a good sound to start with (the amp is a massive part of the sonic signature) and then mic up the guitar amp.

In short, a hi-fi may work for low level practicing (make sure you don't get carried away and blow the speakers) but an actual guitar amp will do a far better job.