Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around these wonderful forums for quite a while and decided that it was time to make a formal introduction. My name is Wayne and I am from KY. I have been interested in Hifi since I was a kid in the 70’s (my father had the whole nine yards of Hifi equipment back then). Until recently I had no idea that the DIY community was so large and global as well. I have spent many late nights reading the forums and looking up some of your extremely informative sites. Thanks to all…

My current (and first) setup includes:

Amp -Goldox tube amp – Chinese boutique amp, uses 6 Svetlana 6550's, very sweet sounding
Pre – DIY passive line stage – Alps pot and Grayhill selector
CD – modified Philips CDC-926 (I thinks that’s the model)
Speakers – Fostex FE103E in the Fostex BLH design, nice sounding –easy to build
Speaker cable – braided CAT-5
Interconnects – solid silver
Turntable – Impro pe series – given to me by my father – no phono pre yet (mic transformer based unit in the works!)

Current projects include:
Integrated amp – BrianGT chipamp based.
3-way speaker system – fully horn-loaded
Phono preamp

I will post some pics and such as soon as I get a little time….work, kids, girlfriend, ex-wife and things tend to get in the way sometimes…

Anyway…thanks to all who contribute to the forums here for the wealth of information provided.


PS…anyone in my area – KY/IN/OH – I am in Louisville, KY
well that sounds good i just started to get into this audio stuff about a year ago and hope to set up a perty good system eventully

my system so far is a yamaha reciver for upto 7speakers and a sub pair of boston acoustics bookshelf speakers trying to fix them
pair of fisher mids i think from 70's an alpine type e car sub in custom box as for cd players and stuff still working
tell ya it beats almost all of my friends systems

(15 but trying )
well iam sure i could find any info needed here eventully