hi everyone

hi guys, i'm tommy from Italy.
i run my own sound reinforcement business in which i work as sound engineer.
i found this forum thanks to Nelson's website.
After years and years of listening to music on any speaker-amp combo i could put my hands on (jbl 4311b, klipsch heresy, M&K Satellite1 system and a couple of different tannoy dual concentric models, are the most relevant ones), i finally settled on something that surely is anything i ever wanted from a loudspeaker and some more.
One day, a couple weeks ago, a notification from a national marketplace website popped up on my phone, a pair of JBL 4343b's had just been put on sale a couple hours from me.
I was the first to contact the guy and took the plunge on them.
And here i am now, trying to make sure everything i ever believed about audio still holds true....

For what concerns my subscription to this forum, my plan is to study a bit on how an amp works and maybe build one myself someday.
i have little technical knowledge about electronics, apart from what basic components do... but i am surely a fast learner and very well versed on handworking, be it soldering, wood and metal working or general building/repairing.

Looking for the best matching amp to my new 4343b's, hopefully in class a operation...
i'm using a 7.5w class a integrated amp ATM and while highs are some of the best i've ever listened to (thank you mr 2405) bass is a bit sloppy and 7.5wpc aren't enough for the more complex kinds of music.

thank you all.
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