Hi everyone! from Alabama, USA

Greetings. I've been into electronics for a long time since I was very young, but I've always tread the line between art and science. I think I used to be a lead guitarist, but I can't remember as I've been playing bass professionally for several years now. My SWR sm-400 amplifier blew up :hot: , so I've been working on that for a nice, long time now:
Approach 1: replace all burnt and shorted parts. (Duh!)
Result: a slightly less impressive firework :(
Approach 2: Order more parts. Consider things like complimentary performance, full operational tests on parts that otherwise passed DVM tests, staged power up strategy including using diodes for BE-junctions, initial current limiting on power lines, etc.....
Result: more like a lit match than a firework.:bawling:
Approach 3: By this time, I had a complete set of output transistors, though not matched very well. I put little pico-fuses on the driver T's. I've left the bias down for now, and it is stable at idle.....(to be continued)
(hey, maybe someone can start a thread on service nightmares!)
Anyway, glad to be on diyAudio!