Hi everybody


2008-01-17 2:06 am
I just joined the forum and want to say hi.
I live in wet, Western Oregon. I am a pretty much a beginner in electronics and am trying to pick up as much as I can. My current project is building some speakers, but my goal is to build some tube gear. I'm looking forward learn as much as I can here.
Welcome Frog..
From a former longtime Oregonian.....So.. how efficient will your speakers be?
High efficiency speakers is a number one priority when driven by tube amplifiers as they are rather low output power devices.
Yes higher power tube amps exist but the pricing seems to be almost exponential to power.
Levels in excess of say 98 decibels will work quite nicely covering all but the most radical sound pressure levels.
Tubes for an amp..

Hi ya Neal.
Well lets' see..THE most popular tube amp is the 300B output tube..in Single ended OR push-pull class. The single ended which is the "purist" genre puts out about seven watts so.
94Db=one watt
97Db=two watts
100Db=four watts
103Db=eight watts
Yes it will play rather loud but not up to "Rock concert" levels
as they typically come in at 115 Db.
In "Push-Pull configuration with the 300B you will almost get to that level...however the PP is easily twice as complex to build and strays slightly from the "purist" attitude that SE (single ended) enjoys...me? I'm in the SE crowd!
A Mr 'Tubelab' who is on this forum has some great kits you could peruse thru.......
Hey Tubelab...where are you?