Hi all,

i have been tinkering with loudspeakers since i was twelve. Three years later i built a pair of three-way floor-standing speakers, of my own but very conventional design, to find out, that many conventions are wrong. Another three years later i built true D'Appollito two-way globe speakers (the casting mold for the plaster was one half of an illuminated globe) to ascertain myself, that beamwidth and nonlinear distortions are important. I then slowed down my HiFi efforts, because the HiFi buisness is too dishonest. Still later i got a music rehersal room with a small electro-acoustical workshop, doing mostly louder stuff but still quite experimental. It was a shocking year, when i lost it all for my love of truth and creativity (writing internet stuff which is against political interests too powerful). After an adventure into the spiritual world (changing minds IS difficult), i am back at the HiFi thing, because this is the best, which i can do now. There are far too many people living on this planet, and most people are far too dishonest. SNAFU, but i am searching for an atlas to use my lever on, topple the drum and spill the stinking brew on the floor.