Hi all!

Just wanted to say hello to all the peoples in the DIYaudio forum... I have been building amps and digital stuff for a while now and this place is perfect. Lots of good information so far!! You guys will be seeing more of me in the future so I figured I might as well introduce. I am currently a grad student at SDSU studying electrical engineering with my main interest being anything audio related, including DSP methods, DAC, and ADC design.

Hope everyone is well,
Since this is a DIY forum, and my sound system is DIY, thought I might mention what it is.

CD player: Marantz 3100 (I hate it)

TT: Technics 1200MKII, Ortofon Concord w/Pro-S stylus

Preamp: custom DIY
- Phono, line, and SPDIF input, auto switching
- 24 bit, 96KHz delta-sigma DAC
- 4 band parametric shelving EQ
- Two way Linkwitz Riley aligned crossover, with swappable frequency modules.

Amp: custom DIY
- 100 watts X 4 configured in a biamped arrangement
- MJ21194 pwr-bjt's used in the OPS with 750VA toroid
with four 20,000uf cap banks
- No VI limiting or protection relays (yes, I know)

Speakers: modified Polk RT25i's
- Crossovers removed for bi-amping and a coke can sized Solen film cap added on the tweet
- Woofers replaced with Daytons (I'm cheap) since my amp ruined one of the
originals due to a cold solder in the amp [let the smoke out of the speaker... fire alarm went off :eek: ]

Sub: DIY
- Dayton Titanic 10 in a 2.8 cu. ft. slot ported enclosure tuned to 27 Hz
- 300 watt subwoofer amp board from ESP with 300VA toroid
- Thermally controlled fans ( for the occasional party :cool: )

I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile... I guess more of an "audiopile"... I will post a pic of the pile soon.