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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

HH Scott 222 speaker recommendations and upgrades

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I'm delving into the wonderful world of tube hifi and would appreciate some advice. I've been an amatuer recording engineer and have an Ampex 602, 352 and some Roberts r2r stuff I've used for mic preamps. Recently purchased a HH Scott 222 and am not sure the version it is. The front face image is attached.

I am curious about mods for this model as well as full range drivers on a budget. I plan on replacing PSU electrolytics and coupling caps but would appreciate other mods possible.

I am well versed in carpentry and have a wide variety of tools available incl. table saw, drill press, lathe, router, joiner, planer, etc. I am looking for a full range driver and a sub/ribbon tweet if necessary for my listening preferences.

I don't listen to music just because it sounds good on this type of system. I listen to primarily indie rock which I think will sound even sweeter due to smooth responce on full rangers. Listen to some jazz but only about 5% of the time.

Realize this is a multifaceted request, but would be interested in any and all input.

Thanks, Nathan


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I'd post the full range loudspeaker recommendation request on the full range speaker forum. The information on what amp type you'll be using and what music type you listen to will help, but be sure you also explain a bit about what your room is like and how you want to position the loudspeakers as that will have more influence on what speakers you can use than just about anything else.

Scott integrateds are great, btw. I had a 299B, and it's one heck of an amp. You're on the right track with replacing the caps. You can't go wrong with 716P orange drops for coupling caps - cheap and good sounding. As far as power supply caps, I'd just use good cheap electrolytics that will fit inside the chassis, that way you'll preserve the vintage look of the amp. If you're going to use the phono, it may be worthwhile to replace the resistors in the phono section.

My advice - don't spend a lot of money and enjoy the amp for what it is.

should be 13 watts per channel...

Push Pull. Has yours been "modernized " with new caps?. Typical of old equipment. Expect to pay $200-$300 to have it "restored" by a competent shop.
Look here for a short article on redoing old integrated amps.

for speakers , check out the Fullrange section here in Loudspeakers. A lot depends on your budget for the drivers, the size of your room, and your expected listening levels.

Fullrange "guys" ( I count myself as one of them), typically nix tweeters (unless "super tweeters"), and eschew Subs (unless no decent bass available).

Here's a thought though. My "head-banging" 50 year old brother , who continues to listen to the rock of his youth wanted a tube amp. after pricing out carious kits and what not, I found a Decware 84C amp for him. He uses it to drive some original large Advents, and some Marantz HD440 loudspeakers, I felt he couldn't possibly hear the amp at its best so I gifted him a set of Fostex FE167 based recommended enclosures and drivers.

He listens to whatever speakers he wants as the mood strikes, at quite high levels, in 16' X 40' livingroom/dining/kitchen area. Not bad for 2 watts per channel.

check out the Fullrange forum here at diyaudio. A lot of folks will want to help you out with good suggestions.

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We have an amp loosely based on the El Cheapo and using one of these Scott PP EL84 amps as a donor. One of the best 4W amps i've ever heard.

I don't know that i'd restore it as it can be made to sound way better than that. The aluminium chassis & point-to-point wiring make it an ideal candidate for tweaking the H out of it.

Solen sells some canned poly caps you can use above the chassis.

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