Heybrook TT2 Hum

Hello fellow LP spinners! I acquired a Heybrook TT2 with Jelco tonearm and have a significant Hum coming over the system from the table. The sound is not a sound like a normal ground issue, but a ticking type of sound
Much like the noise associated with car stereo instillations and alternator noise! I think it is an issue with the motor (Guessing) but I have grounded the arm in two places and the arm comes installed as what looks like a complete installation kit... So I am hoping I do not need to mess with this.
any help out there?
suggestions... and keep it clean ...please?

Heybrook TT2 HUM

Hello Arch, the only thing I can think of is that, because I have two separate systems and this TT2 being the newest it and the amp/pre-amp are all sitting on the basement floor with the power wires. But to answer your question, No! The WiFi modem is on the second floor bout 25 ft. away. My first system has not had this problem REGA PlanarII with project arm... no issues there!
Had a similar issue with a TT2 I have just supercharged! Had power supply/speed control board serviced with new oscillator chip and mounted the board in a custom made external case. Turntable is now totally silent.

Keep any power supplies for other devices well away from turntable and phono stage too 😉